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        Welcome to Waterwei
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        Design & Development

        Cooperation Plan

        Have a long time cooperation plan with Continental , Shanghai GM ,BYD, Visteon and  DFM


        University cooperation

        Establishing the long time RD relationship with Huazhong University of Science and Technology & Wuhan University of Technology in the CAE and Electronic module area.


        The company has a high quality product research and development team , now have 260 staffs, which College and above accounted for 35% of  the staff;  7 people have the master degree ,  has 70 technical staffs;
        At the same time, 22 R&D team in Guangzhou waterwei can  collaborative with Hubei Waterwwei , which enhance our development strength.


           Have the advanced UG graphics work network platform, using the  UG\CATIA\PROE software for the designing 




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